Most influential papers of Automated Software Engineering


The Automated Software Engineering Conference Series has a rich history of good contributions to the area of research and development. This is reflected in the effort to identity the most influential ASE paper from a time frame - 15 -+1 year before respective current ASE.

Here are the MIPs of ASE:

ASE 2019 MIP:
ASE 2005 - Empirical evaluation of the tarantula automatic fault-localization technique - James A. Jones, Mary Jean Harrold - DOI
ASE 2018 MIP:
ASE 2002 - Assumption Generation for Software Component Verification - Dimitra Giannakoupoulou, Corina Pasareanu, Howard Baringer - DOI
ASE 2017 MIP:
ASE 2003 - What Test Oracle Should I Use for Effective GUI Testing? - Atif M. Memon, Ishan Banerjee, Adithya Nagarajan - DOI
ASE 2016 MIP:
ASE 2001 - Monitoring programs using rewriting - Klaus Havelund, Grigore Rosu - DOI
ASE 2015 MIP:
ASE 2001 - TestEra: a novel framework for automated testing of Java programs - Darko Marinov, Sarfraz Khurshid - DOI
ASE 2014 MIP:
ASE 2000 - Model Checking Programs - Willem Visser, Klaus Havelund, Guillaume Brat, Seung-Joon Park - DOI
ASE 2013 MIP (joint winners!):
ASE 1998 - An Automated Framework for Structural Test-Data Generation - Nigel Tracey, John Clark, Keith Mander and John McDermid - DOI
ASE 1999 - Evolving object-oriented architectures with refactorings - Lance Tokuda, Don Batory - DOI
ASE 2012 MIP:
ASE 1998 - Specification-based Browsing of Software Component Libraries - Bernd Fischer - DOI
ASE 2011 MIP:
ASE 1997 - Precise specification and automatic application of design patterns - Eden, A.H. Yehudai, A. Gil, J. - DOI
ASE 2010 MIP:
KBSE'96 - Extending Design Environments to Software Architecture Design, Robbins - J., Hilbert, D., Redmiles, D. - DOI

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